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3 Tips to Optimize Your Existing Collection Management System

In today’s constantly changing collections landscape, keeping your IT systems up to speed requires full time attention. Gone are the days of “set it and forget it.” We often work with clients whose leadership is pulled in many different directions and don’t always have time to invest more time or capital in maintaining or improving their collection management system (CMS).

Whether you need to upgrade your existing software or add new features and functionality, here are our three key tips to optimize what you have:

1. Establish clear objectives

Successful technology projects require more than just a great techie with a depth of experience. Considering a holistic view of your organization when setting objectives and desired outcomes is core to driving a successful CMS implementation. Evaluate questions, like:

  • How will this project impact productivity?
  • How will each department be impacted?
  • How much change management is required

2. Acknowledge and manage risks

Akin to the questions listed above, it’s imperative that you and other stakeholders understand the project’s impact on business operations, budget, people, and other existing technologies. Will embarking on a CMS upgrade project hinder your ability to grow your business and serve customers? Are you introducing any structural vulnerabilities to your IT infrastructure? Is the new CMS designed with compliance in mind?

Aligning as a leadership team at the beginning and throughout the duration of the project will help you manage risks and stay on-target.

3. Check your progress against industry standards

Technology investments often represent long-term decisions that require significant investment of time and resources before improvements are evident in operational and financial performance. Because of this, setting improvement goals in-line with industry standards and best practices will help you prove-out ROI.

Working with an experienced partner can help ensure adherence to cutting-edge industry considerations and maximize the overall value delivered by the project.

Whether you’re considering making an investment in new technology or have a project already underway, drop us a line at We look forward to learning more about your project and helping you along your implementation journey!

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