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How we Began.

143 Years of Collective Collections Experience.

Prior to launching Belvista Software, LLC, Chris led the “turn around” of multiple failing technology projects.  With hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours invested, they were no closer to solving any business problems.  Transforming these projects into successes required more than just great technology, but an innate understanding of the people, culture, capabilities and key driving factors of the organization.

Through these experiences was born Belvista Software, LLC’s approach to successful project implementation.  By becoming true partners with our clients, getting to know their people, immersing ourselves in their culture and facing down problems side by side, more meaningful outcomes are achieved.

Our Mission

With over 20 years of experience developing and maintaining collection management systems, our custom-designed software solutions are purpose-built to help your operations teams run efficiently and effectively.

We’re pros at optimizing both off-the-shelf and custom-designed software solutions, streamlining internal productivity and delivering an optimal user experience.

Visionary Leader in

Business Technology Transformation

Christopher Ball

Owner, President

Welcome to the profile of Christopher Ball, the visionary mind behind the establishment of Belvista Software, LLC in 2019. With a distinguished track record spanning over 15 years in both business leadership and IT expertise, Chris is recognized for his exceptional talent in maximizing the potential of technology investments. His leadership philosophy is rooted in empowering teams and possessing a profound understanding of underlying technologies, a combination that consistently drives success.

In addition to his notable contributions in various professional capacities, Chris holds an impressive educational background. He earned his Master’s degree in Computer Science from the esteemed Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), equipping him with a deep understanding of the technological landscape. Moreover, he holds an MBA from the prestigious Simon Business School at the University of Rochester, a testament to his strategic acumen in aligning technology initiatives with overarching business objectives.

One of Chris’s recent accomplishments was at a local financial services firm, where he orchestrated a transformative software modernization. Under his guidance, the software team expanded by an impressive 400%, ushering in a new era of operations powered by technology. This initiative resulted in direct cost savings exceeding $500k and a significant boost in productivity, showcasing Chris’s ability to deliver tangible and substantial outcomes.

As you navigate this website, you’ll gain insight into the mind of a true forward-thinker who continues to reshape the business-technology landscape. Christopher Ball’s innovative approach, coupled with his extensive background and formal education, underscores his role as a dynamic force driving impactful transformations at the intersection of business and technology.

Meet Our Team.

Bill Patterson

Vice President of
Implementation and Support

Bill is the Vice President of Implementation and Support with over 25 years of implementing mission critical systems.    He has proven expertise in project management, software development management and product management.  He holds a bachelor’s degree from Washington and Jefferson College and a master’s from Carnegie Mellon University. 

Sierra Rice, PMP

Director of Project Management Office

Sierra Rice is a seasoned professional with nearly a decade of experience in Project Management. While she embarked on her career in Accounts Receivable, she gained a unique end-user perspective that sets her apart in leading projects and software development for the industry.

Her PMP certification attests to her unwavering commitment to project excellence, and her proficiency in Agile methodologies ensures our teams deliver software solutions with exceptional agility and precision.

As a Program Manager, Sierra Rice oversees project execution from inception to delivery, ensuring that our software development initiatives remain on track, on time, and within budget. Her extensive project management experience and dedication to excellence make her an invaluable asset to our team.

Sierra Rice’s dedication to excellence and her exceptional ability to foster collaboration are integral to our organization’s success. Her leadership plays a pivotal role in delivering innovative software solutions that consistently satisfy our clients.

Jacob Liddle

Manager of Consulting Services

As Manager of Consulting Services, Jacob Liddle is responsible for overseeing projects to assist our clients with their individual business or technology needs. Jacob has spent ten years in the collections and mortgage default spaces supporting business processes through technology. Jacob holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Houghton University.

Mike Jackson

Manager of Software Development

Mike Jackson is a seasoned Software Developer with a strong background in software engineering and a passion for creating innovative solutions. With over 20 years of experience in software development, including 8 years of specialization in the collections industry, he has honed his skills across various facets of software engineering.

His expertise extends across a wide spectrum of technologies, including C#, SQL, MVC, and jQuery, empowering him to engineer robust and efficient software solutions. In addition, he has hands-on experience with AWS technologies such as SES (Simple Email Service), S3 (Simple Storage Service), and Cognito, harnessing the power of cloud computing to deliver scalable and secure applications.

He holds a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) certificate, affirming his dedication to ongoing learning and the mastery of Microsoft technologies. This combination of skills allows him to not only excel in software development but also leverage cloud-based solutions to create innovative and reliable applications.

Throughout his tenure at Belvista Software, he had the privilege of designing, developing, and implementing a diverse array of applications that made a substantial impact. Notably, he contributed significantly to the creation of consumer, client, and agency portals, enhancing user experiences while streamlining operational efficiency. Furthermore, he developed key tools, including an Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) system for seamless data integration and an internal application administration tool, which played a pivotal role in optimizing internal processes.

His passion for software development extends beyond his work, as he’s continually exploring new technologies and methodologies to stay at the forefront of the industry.

He is dedicated to delivering excellence in every project he undertakes, and he looks forward to leveraging his skills and experience to drive innovation and success as Manager of Software Development.

Rhiannon Moody

Manager of Client Support

Rhiannon joins Belvista as our Client Support Team Lead. She brings with her over 20 years of management experience in the financial industry having worked in various sectors including retail banking, mortgage services, claims, and collections.  As a seasoned professional, she has developed a strong expertise in interfacing between stakeholders such as clients, vendors, systems analysts, and developers. Her role is to support the utilization and optimization of Belvista Software’s technologies, ensuring seamless integration and efficient operations for our clients.  Throughout her career, she has built strong relationships with clients and stakeholders, earning a reputation for delivering exceptional customer service and exceeding expectations.  She is confident in her ability to leverage her extensive experience and skills to make a meaningful impact and drive success. 

Vanessa Ward Headshot

Vanessa Ward

Sales & Marketing Executive

Vanessa brings to the team extensive experience in sales, client services, and project management. Vanessa has over 19 years of sales accomplishments within the Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) industry. She has acquired as well as managed complex collections, consumer finance, and medical omni-channel communication programs for many cornerstone clients.

In 2021, Vanessa represented a prior industry partner as a collaborating board member of the Print and Mail Coalition, created in response to the Hunstein ruling which majorly impacted the ARM industry.

For several past partners, Vanessa helped create then implement new multi-channel marketing content and sales growth plans to successfully gain or increase an ARM industry market footprint. Finally, she had a brief but educational stint selling compliance monitoring services (bankruptcy, deceased, SCRA, litigious consumer scrubs, etc).

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